Mahjong Culture


Among the many "national quintessences," “Mahjong “is believed to be one of the games that are popular and appealing both to the general public and the elites. It is not only popular among the people, celebrities and scholars such as Leung Kai-chui and Hsu Chih-mo are also Mahjong "enthusiasts." Chairman Mao even believed that it was one of the three significant contributions from China to the world. 

Where did Mahjong come from?  Why is Mahjong called Bamboo Battle?  What Chinese culture is contained in Mahjong? How did it spread to other countries? Dr. Chan Lai-kiu strongly believes "Mahjong connects and inspires" and can be a good carrier of Chinese culture.  She created a series of videos, not only answering the above questions but also interesting content like riddles with Mahjong . She even uses Mahjong as entry points to share her knowledge of various subjects, through which the breadth and depth of the culture embedded in Mahjong fully demonstrated.


Who Created Mahjong?

Mahjong as Stepping Stones to Chinese Culture

Mahjong x Cheongsam
Why Mahjong games are called bamboo battles 竹戰?
Mahjong X Carving Art
Quiz Mahjong X Chinese Idiom
Video Description

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