I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Zhuang Zi and Tai Chi Chuan

On April 16, 2024, the public lecture “I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Zhuang Zi and Tai Chi Chuan” co-organized by the Department of Journalism and Communication of Hong Kong Shu Yan University, Loke Kok Kuen Chinese Cultural Legacy Research Trust and Tin Ka Ping Teaching and Research Centre for Filial Piety was held at the Jockey Club Multimedia Production Centre, Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

The Speaker Mr. Ben CHIN, is a professional architect who studied under the Tai Chi master Mr. Tchoung Ta-chen, in the 1980’s. He founded the “True Color of Tai Chi Studio” and joined “Chin Woo Athletic Association of Hong Kong” as the director, judge and head coach of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. He Shared his experience of combining Tai Chi Chuan and the Taoism, and said that Tai Chi Chuan is a cultural experience, and that pursues the freedom of movement, and that “only when the mind is free then can reach the harmony of body and soul.”

He also said that ture freedom lies in choices, but choices are not about right and wrong, because there is no absolute right and wrong, and it will lead to the endless annoyance. He further pointed out that the right choice is not to predetermine the direction, not to act rashly, let things develop, out of a correct direction, and then follow the propensity of things.

“Shue Yan University has always been promoting Liberal Arts Education, and through the promotion of traditional Chinese culture, it aims to ensure that its graduates can demonstrate the traditional virtues of the Chinese people in their conduct.” Professor Cheung Siu-Keung, Executive Vice-President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, pointed out in his opening speech. He also believes that material ats is the sublimation of power, and to make martial arts different from force, it is necessary to emphasize the sublimation of the heart. Power without sublimation of martial arts is only brute force and will likely degenerate into violence.

Tai Chi Chuan, as a Chinese martial art, contains traditional Chinese cultural ideas and is worth promoting. Tai Chi Chuan not only teaches people to understand changes, but also combines the movements with objects and the “strength” from the body, which is beyond the objects, so that people’s mind, body, character and the world are all embedded in the mystery of “goodness is like water”.


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