Cantonese Opera – The Mad Monk


Being superstitious, Mrs. Wu forced her 16-year-old adopted daughter Ye Piaohong to marry Wu Xiaopeng, who is Mrs. Wu’s newborn son, as Xiaopeng is dying of illness. Piaohong consented to the marriage and brought up Xiaopeng under the hardship of living.

Eighteen years later, Xiaopeng fell in love with his neighbor's daughter, Qiuchan. Piaohong was in great pain, but couldn't tell the truth. She only hopes that Wu Dacheng, who is Xiaopeng’s father, would come back to tell Xiaopeng the truth. When the childe Ling, who was a ruffian from the Ling family, snatched Qiuchan, Xiaopeng tried to save her but got trapped. At last, Piaohong rescued them all, but childe Ling spread the rumors about the relation between Piaohong and him, which led to the rift between Piaohong and Xiaopeng. After 18 years of military service, Mr. Wu returned to home and told the life experience of Piaohong to Qiuchan, Qiuchan chose to leave Xiaopeng. Xiaopeng cutted off the thread of love, became a monk of the Lingyan Temple and Piaohong threw herself into the sea.

Mr. Wu visited the temple and told the truth to Xiaopeng. Xiaopeng was sad that he went crazy and searched for Piaohong. Although Piaohong was rescued by the fisherman, she was already dying and finally held the hands of Xiao Peng and Qiu Cicada in Xiao Peng's arms......

Starring: Xiaoyi, Chen Yunhong


The Mad Monk (The First Act: Marriage) 1

The Second Act: Love Triangle

The Third Act: Rescue

The Fourth Act: Separate

The Fifth Act: Suicide for Love

The Sixth Act: Visit the Temple

The Seventh Act: Cry for Lover


1. The name of the First Act in Chinese is “沖喜”, which is a conception in Chinese traditional superstition, means take away the disaster and bring good luck, “沖” means take away, and “喜” means good luck. Some ancient Chinese people believed that organizing a happy event such as marriage can cure the sick and take the bad luck away from family members.

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