Jade Hairpin


Jade Hairpin (玉簪記) is a Kunqu Opera (崑曲) based on the story by Gao Lian (高濂,1528-?), which narrated the love story of Pan Bizheng (潘必正) and Chen Miaochang (陳妙常). The original work with 33 acts (折), and only 9 acts remained in the late Qing Dynasty, to the age of generation of Chuan (傳字輩)1,they performed the Jade Hairpin with 8 acts. At present, the main Kunqu Opera Troupes in China just performed 4 acts.

KOO Ti Hua Foundation for the Promotion of KunQu Opera (顧鐵華振興崑曲基金) aimed to inherit, collect, sort the traditional Kunqu, followed the wishes of Kunqu Opera masters Yu Zhengfei (余振飛,1902-1993) and Shen Chuanzhi (沈傳芷,1906-1994), recovered the 8 acts version, and reproduced the classic.

Starring: Dr. Koo Ti Hua, Ms. Hua Wenyi



Jade Hairpin (The First Act: Tea Party)



Jade Hairpin (The Second Act: Guqin Strumming)



Jade Hairpin (The Third Act: Lovesickness)



Jade Hairpin (The Fourth Act: The Amatory Poem)



Jade Hairpin (The Fifth Act: Objection of Aunt)



Jade Hairpin (The Sixth Act: Leaving for Imperial Examination)



Jade Hairpin (The Seventh Act: Farewell on the River)



1. Generation name (字輩) is one of the characters in Chinese given name and is so called because each member of a generation shares that character. The “Generation of Chuan” refer to the performers of Kunqu Opera, who was trained in Suzhou Kunqu Opera Training Center (蘇州崑曲傳習所) during 1920s and have the character “Chuan (傳)” in his stage name. The famous performers such as Zhou Chuanying (周傳瑛,1912-1988), Wang Chuansong (王傳淞,1906-1987), Bao Chuanduo (包傳鐸,1920-1997) and Zhou Chuanzheng (周傳錚,1909-1977) are all the members of the generation of Chuan.

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