Published on 2024.02.16


Mr. TAM Po Shek
〈Blessings for the year of the dargon〉


At the beginning of the new year, wish you an auspicious and spirited year of the Dragon, making a splash in your career. Time flies as arrows and life is like a song. Do everything with a calm demeanour, live every day with joy, face any problems with a tender heart. Welcome difficulties and setbacks with laughter. Being thankful for encountering and knowing each other. Face everything and everyone with a peaceful mind. Here are the Chinese New Year blessings for the year of the Dragon. May the mountains and rivers be safe and sound. May your life be peaceful and free from anxiety. May everything go your way. May the country prosper with fair weather and a good crop yield.

Mr. Tam Po Shek

A well-known Dong Xiao player and is also active in various other arts such as literature, photography, painting, and calligraphy.
He learned painting and calligraphy at a young age and to be a disciple of Lingnan School. His paintings inherit the traditional style and with modern element. His calligraphy is elegant, and his paintings are simple and concise, reflecting his deep cultural and spiritual cultivation with a Chan mindset that combines ancient and modern techniques, embody his cultural and spiritual cultivation.

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