Published on 2022.12.13

Hainanese Chicken Rice: From Wenchang to the World

The story of Hainanese chicken rice is one of resilience and adaptability of Hainanese immigrants as well as quiet determination to preserve their culture. As the name of the dish alludes, Hainanese chicken rice has its roots in Hainan Island, specifically in Wenchang (文昌) county on the northeast coast of Hainanese Island. Most Hainanese migrants in Southeast Asia came from Wenchang.


Tony Boey (Johor Kaki)

Studies food for insights on the history of peoples, places, migration and society, especially of maritime Southeast Asia.
Tony has contributed to TV, radio, print and social media in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.
He published Find Dining with Johor Kaki a guide to the food and heritage hawkers of Johor (Malaysia) in 2016.
Tony conducted food trails, public talks, and lectures to tertiary institutions on food culture and history.

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